Dear Henle Urtext Lovers!

We want the world to see who uses the blue Henle Urtext editions! Become a part of our 75th anniversary video challenge that will be live throughout 2023. All you need is a smartphone for filming.

Make sure that you are filming in landscape mode and high resolution. You can upload up to five short video clips.

Your challenge as a musician: Show us who you are! Show us where you are! Show us what you’re doing!

We would like to see:

🎻  your instrument

🎼  one or more Henle editions

🏙️  where you live and what kind of place it is – inside or outside

🤳🏼  you telling us a little something about yourself in selfie mode in your own language

📹  please use your front camera to show us your surroundings

If we decide to publish your video or parts of it you will receive Henle Urtext editions of your choice worth a total value of up to 50 euros. In this case you will hear from us by email in advance.

Got it? Then have fun filming! Once you are done, please fill out the following form and upload your video or videos. We look forward to seeing them soon!

(Need some inspiration? Here are some tips about how to go about putting together your video.)